Check Plagiarism Before Submitting Turnitin Assignments

The quick submit feature allows instructors to submit papers and receive Originality Reports without creating a class or an assignment. This is ideal for instructors who would like to use Turnitin to spot check submissions and have these papers in electronic format. Quick submit should not be used if the instructor desires to have students submit their own papers or plans on using Peer Review, GradeMark, or GradeBook.


Activating Quick Submit

1. To activate quick submit, click User Info from the top of the instructor homepage. 



2. On the preferences page, select yes from the activate quick submit drop-down menu.


3. The quick submit tab will appear on the instructor homepage, making the quick submit inbox available for use.


Submitting Papers


The instructor can now upload papers for submission in this inbox. To begin the submission process, click on submit in the top right corner of the quick submit inbox.



The first step of submission is selecting the databases that the submitted paper or papers will be checked against.

The available sources are:

  • a database of active and archived internet information
  • a database of previous submissions to Turnitin
  • a database of journal, periodical, and publication information



Select the sources for the Originality Report searches by clicking on the check boxes next to the source.

Continue to the paper submission page by clicking on submit. The rest of the quick submission process is similar to the standard submission process outlined in Chapter 1. The notable exception is that during quick submission, the instructor cannot submit papers for an enrolled student as the quick submit inbox is not available to student users. All papers are submitted as non-enrolled. For step by step submission instructions, please refer to Submitting a Paper in Chapter 1 of this manual.

Accessing Originality Reports


Once a submission is completed, Originality Report icons will appear for a submission after the report has generated. The instructor must refresh the view of the quick submit inbox for the icons to appear if a report has generated while the instructor is viewing the quick submit inbox. 

The quick submit inbox works just like an assignment inbox. For more information on organizing or using a quick submit inbox, please refer to the assignment inbox information in Chapter 1 of this manual.



The best way to avoid plagiarism is to be mindful about your sources during the research and writing process:

But, if you want to double-check that you've done it right once your paper is finished, there are some free plagiarism checkers available.  Keep in mind that some of these sites offer limited free may have to subscribe to use all features.  Here are two examples:

This site reviews several others:  Top 10 free plagiarism detection tools for teachers. 

Please note:  The official plagiarism detection tool used by the University is Turnitin (read more below).  The University and the Library do not endorse the free checkers linked above and cannot guarantee that their results will be accepted by your professor. 

APUS subscribes to Turnitin, which is integrated into the classroom Assignments tool.  The library does not have access to this feature in the classroom, so please contact your instructor with questions.   Click here to learn more about Turnitin at APUS.

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