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Essay on Theme of Determination in "A Worn Path"

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“A Worn Path” is a short story written by Eudora Welty. It is based on an elderly African-American grandmother named Phoenix Jackson, who goes for a walk to the town of Natchez on a cold December morning to get some medicine for her ailing grandson. This story speaks of the obstacles Phoenix endured along the way and how she overcame them. The theme, central idea or message that the author wishes to convey to his or her readers, in “A Worn Path” is one of determination. Phoenix Jackson is determined to get to Natchez, in order to get medicine for her grandson; she does not let any obstacles get in her way. The theme of determination is shown in many ways throughout this short story.
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It whispered and shook and was taller than her head… through the maze now… then there was something tall, dark, and skinny there, moving before her. At first she took it for a man… but she stood and listened, and it did not make a sound. It was as silent as a ghost… who be you the ghost of?... you scarecrow… the track crossed a swampy part… sleep on alligators… overhead the live-oaks met, and it was as dark as a cave… a black dog with a lolling tongue came up out of the weeds by the ditch… she only hit him a little with her cane. Over she went in the ditch. (1,2,3)
Phoenix shows determination by getting by all of these obstacles and getting to town. Her determination to get to town shows that she would not let anything get in the way of something she knows she must do.
Another example of the theme of determination in this short story is when Phoenix meets up with a young white hunter. She shows great determination as he tries to deter Phoenix from going to town, by him saying, “Now you go on home, Granny!” (3). Another way the hunter tries to deter Phoenix from her path is when he points the gun at Phoenix and asks her if she is scared. Phoenix shows great determination by standing her ground and not letting the hunter get to her. Her determination to get medicine for her grandson overpowers any fear that she might have

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Essay about Determination of Cu2+ by Titration

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Determination of Cu2+ by Titration


The purpose of this lab is to determine the concentration of copper ions in an unknown solution. Complexometric titration will be used to determine the concentration. A buret will be used to deliver the complexing agent to the unknown solution. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid will be used as the complexing reagent. An indicator, Murexide in our case, will be used to indicate the endpoint of the reaction.

Theories and Concepts:

The anion of the acid, EDTA4-, will complex to the metal. This anion reacts with the metal by forming coordinate-covalent bonds with the metal. This is a coordination compound. This ligand is called a chelate because it can form coordinate-covalent bonds…show more content…

<li value="2"> Add 10 mL of 1 M NH4Cl to this it and mix the solution by swirling
<li value="3"> Add 5 mL of 1 M NH4¬OH and notice the color change
<li value="4"> Add 15 drops of Murexide indicator to the dark blue solution. This will turn the solution to a violet color.
<li value="5"> Fill a buret with the standard EDTA4- solution to a point somewhere between the 0 and 2 mL mark and carefully read the initial volume of the buret. Record it.
<li value="6"> Record the molarity of the EDTA4- solution.
<li value="7"> Slowly titrate the EDTA4- solution into the copper solution.
<li value="8"> Swirl constantly, and the solution will gradually turn yellow
<li value="9"> Continue titrating and when the color changes back to violet the end point has been reached.
<li value="10"> Record the value of the buret at this point.

Equations and Calculations

M of EDTA solution = .0097 M Trial 1 Trial 2

Initial Buret Volume .25 mL 19.09 mL

Final Buret Volume 17.71 mL 36.06 mL

Volume of Cu Solution Used 25.0 mL 25.0 mL

Mass of Cu Solution used: 25.0 mL * 1.00 g/mL = 25.0 g

Volume of EDTA used: Final Buret Volume - Initial Buret Volume

Moles of EDTA: Volume of EDTA * .0097 M

Moles of Cu2+ = Moles of EDTA

Mass of Cu2+: Moles of Cu2+ * 63.55 g/mol Cu2+

% of Cu2+ by mass in unknown:

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