Refworks Wont Create Bibliography

Step 3.  Write Your Paper and Inserting Citations or Footnotes and Your Bibliography

Note:  You may want to sync your RefWorks database with Write-N-Cite if you have recently added references you want to use in your paper.  Click the Sync my database icon to download new or updated references and output styles.

When you are ready to insert an in-text citation or footnote into your paper:

1.  Click the Insert Citation and Insert New option to launch the insert/edit citation box.  If you have previously used Write-N-Cite, you may see some recently selected citations listed above the Insert New option.   You can select citations displayed from this list or access all your references from the Insert New option.

2. Once the Insert/Edit Citation box displays, you can access references by folder search for a specific reference.  The search box will search every field of every reference.  You can use “AND” and “OR” when using the search box.

Tip: Use the horizontal scroll bar to see the full title of a reference.  Right-clicking on the reference and choosing the item from the context menu will display the complete record (file attachments are not displayed).

Full Reference View:

3. Click on the reference you wish to insert into your paper.  You will see a preview of the formatted citation in your current Output Style.


4. Click OK to insert your formatted citation into your paper.

Tip:  To add a second references in a single citation, click the + button in the Compose Citation area and then select the reference from your list.  

5. To insert a footnote instead of an in-text citation, click the Make Footnote checkbox in the Edit Reference area.  Once you make a footnote and finish editing the citation, you will not be able to undo this action.  However, you can always add a new in-text citation.


6. You can insert your bibliography anywhere in your paper while you are writing.  Click Bibliography Options, Insert Bibliography.  Note:  the bibliography will be inserted wherever the cursor is in your paper.  You can click Remove Bibliography and re-insert if it you need to change the location.

There are several ways of creating bibliographies using RefWorks:

Creating a Bibliography as a New File

  1. Click on the Create Bibliography button.
  2. Choose an output style.
  3. Under Format a Bibliography from a List of References, use the drop-down menu to choose what type of file to create (HTML, RTF, Word).
  4. Select All References or specify a folder.
  5. Click on Create Bibliography.
  6. Click on the file download link.
  7. Save your bibliography.

Using the Write-N-Cite Toolbar

Ensure you have downloaded the Write-N-Cite Toolbar. See Getting Started for more details.

  1. Create your Word document and when you want to cite a reference click on the RefWorks tab and then the Log In button in Word.  You will then need to login to RefWorks.
  2. Choose the referencing style you need by selecting from the Style drop down list.
  3. To cite a reference, click on Insert Citation, then Insert New.  Find the reference you wish to cite, click on it, then click Ok.  This will automatically place a citation in your Word document.  If you want to edit a citation after you have inserted it, double click on the citation in your Word document.
  4. Once you have inserted all your citations save your document.
  5. To create a bibliography, click on Bibliography Options, then Insert Bibliography.

If you have used the track changes option in Word, then turn it off before creating your bibliography.

Inserting Citations in Footnotes

For citation styles that use footnotes, tick Make Footnote when inserting or editing your citation and click Ok. The citation will then be inserted in a footnote in your Word Document.

Adding Page Numbers to Citations

  1. Click in the Suffix box when inserting or editing your citation.
  2. In the Suffix box, type the punctuation and the page numbers as you wish them to appear in your text, for example : 123-124 ( [space] semi colon [space] number - number) or , p.44 (comma [space] p.number)
  3. Press Ok to save the changes to your citation.

Removing the Author from your Citation

To remove the author from a citation, tick Hide Author when inserting or editing your citation and click Ok.

Using the One Line/Cite View

Use this option if you cannot use the Write-N-Cite toolbar. (e.g. If you are using Open Office).

  1. Click on the Change View Menu and choose One Line/Cite View instead of Standard View.
  2. Click on the Cite icon {} next to the reference or references you wish to cite.
  3. A Citation Viewer window will appear containing the citation/s in an abbreviated format.
  4. Click on the Select button.
  5. Copy and paste the citation into your Word document.
  6. Be sure to Clear the Citation Viewer window before creating your next citation.
  7. Once you have inserted all your citations save your document.
  8. In RefWorks click on the Create Bibliography button and select Format Paper and Bibliography.
  9. Choose the Output Style you need (e.g. Harvard).
  10. Click on the Browse button next to the Document to Format option, and find the Word document you just saved.
  11. Click on Create Bibliography.
  12. A new version of your Word document will open, which includes a bibliography in the appropriate citation style.
  13. Save this document using a new file name in case you wish to go back and edit your original document.

Exporting as a BibTeX File

BibTeX can be used with LaTeX to create citations and bibliographies.

  1. Select the references you wish to export.
  2. Click on References - Export.
  3. Under Select an Export Formet - choose BibTeX - RefWorks ID
  4. Click Export References.
  5. Save the information created as a Text(*.txt) file.
  6. The label/ID for each reference is the RefWorks ID number - you will need to edit this if you are using a different label/ID system.

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