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Projected Key Dates

Dates are subject to change

Academic Year 2017-2018


September4MondayLabor Day
5TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
6WednesdayFirst day of classes
29FridayStudent Holiday
October9,10 Mon,TuesColumbus Day - Vacation
November10FridayVeterans Day - Holiday
23,24Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December13WednesdayLast day of classes
18-22Mon-FriFinal Exams


January8MondayIAP begins
15MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
February2FridayIAP ends
5MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
6TuesdayFirst day of classes
19MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
20TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
March26-30Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April16,17Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May17ThursdayLast day of classes
21-25Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 11 - August 21Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

Academic Year 2018-2019


September3MondayLabor Day
4TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
5WednesdayFirst day of classes
21FridayStudent Holiday
October8,9Mon,TuesColumbus Day - Vacation
November12MondayVeterans Day - Holiday
22,23Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December12WednesdayLast day of classes
17-21Mon-Fri Final Exams


January7MondayIAP begins
21MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
February1FridayIAP ends
4MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
5TuesdayFirst day of classes
18MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
19TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
March25-29Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April15,16Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May16ThursdayLast day of classes
20-24Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 10 - August 20 Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

Academic Year 2019-2020


September2MondayLabor Day
3TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
4WednesdayFirst day of classes
20FridayStudent Holiday
October14,15Mon,TuesColumbus Day - Vacation
November11MondayVeterans Day - Holiday
28,29Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December11WednesdayLast day of classes
16-20Mon-Fri Final Exams


January6MondayIAP begins
20MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
 31FridayIAP ends
February3MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
4TuesdayFirst day of classes
17MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
18TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
March23-27Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April20,21Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May14ThursdayLast day of classes
18-22Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 8 - August 18 Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

Academic Year 2020-2021


September7MondayLabor Day
8TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
9WednesdayFirst day of classes
October12MondayColumbus Day - Holiday
 13TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
November11WednesdayVeterans Day - Holiday
26,27Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December10ThursdayLast day of classes
14-18Mon-Fri Final Exams


January4MondayIAP begins
18MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
 29FridayIAP ends
February1MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
2TuesdayFirst day of classes
15MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
16TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
March22-26Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April19,20Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May13ThursdayLast day of classes
17-21Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 7 - August 17Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

Academic Year 2021-2022



September6MondayLabor Day
7TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
8WednesdayFirst day of classes
October11MondayColumbus Day - Holiday
November11ThursdayVeterans Day - Holiday
25,26Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December9ThursdayLast day of classes
13-17Mon-Fri Final Exams


January3MondayIAP begins
17MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
 28FridayIAP ends
 31MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
February1TuesdayFirst day of classes
21MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
 22Tuesday Monday schedule of classes
March21-25Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April18,19Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May12ThursdayLast day of classes
16-20Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 6 - August 16Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

Academic Year 2022-2023


September5MondayLabor Day
6TuesdayRegistration Day - Fall Term
7WednesdayFirst day of classes
23FridayStudent Holiday
October10,11Mon,TuesColumbus Day - Vacation
November11FridayVeterans Day - Holiday
24,25Thurs,FriThanksgiving Vacation
December14WednesdayLast day of classes
16,19-22Fri-ThuFinal Exams


January9MondayIAP begins
16MondayMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
February3FridayIAP ends
6MondayRegistration Day - Spring Term
7TuesdayFirst day of classes
20MondayPresidents Day - Holiday
21TuesdayMonday schedule of classes
March27-31Mon-FriSpring Vacation
April17,18Mon,TuesPatriots Day - Vacation
May18ThursdayLast day of classes
22-26Mon-FriFinal Exams
June 12 - August 22Summer Session (incl. Exam Period)

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