Protecting The Environment Short Essay Samples

There is a saying that children and students are the best hope of every nation. And as for me, I truly believe students do hold a great potential for the change and improvement of each country because in their young age many things have been developed such as quickening of transportation, long-distance and real time communication and many more that saves time for everyone, which they can utilize on thinking of way how could they help the people in their place. But, their potential doesn’t unlock when they get old, that even if they are young they have some capabilities to join and help the country like having participation on issues of our environment.

Basically, the problem in our environment have many causes and primarily the reason is because of human act. We have taken for granted many things and thus, making us irresponsible person most especially on taking care of our environment. Humans, in their venture on creating technology and discovering many things, have hold a great backfire towards the nature composing on many effects like the gravely change of climate, destruction of animals natural habitat, and a lot more that we can see and experience today. But all hope is not gone, as long as we have life there are something we can do particularly the next generation, or the students of today. These students can do their part on environment if they truly understand the current situation we are facing, that is why administration of schools have been pushing educating them about the possibilities of human irresponsible attitude towards nature. Among the lessons, being taught in the subject of protecting the environment is recycling of materials. Students have many materials that are using such as paper, pens, colouring materials, boards, and others which there are times that they just dispose them even if there are still possible things to be made out of them. Recycling is a helpful way of minimizing the volume of waste in our environment by maximizing the utilization of each things we get into our hand. Students can also practice the proper waste disposal and the segregation of waste. This is the most important act that everyone in this planet should do, because if we throw away our garbage on random places like in the side of the road, in rivers or what-so-ever location we can want too, eventually those waste can piled up until it is hard to control anymore. That is why we students, as early, as possible be, learn that we are accountable of our actions towards our environment. Then, in our way of disposing our things we should follow the segregation of waste from materials that are bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable, or from plastics, metals and papers. If students have discipline enough to follow these, then waste management can be an easy task too since most waste that are gathered are already categorised. Students also, in a way, can join community service that promotes the clean-up and preservation of environment like cleaning the park, river side, and seaside. Being able to join on such activity is a great opportunity on showing how students can protect environment in their young age. In some opportunity in their academic class, they are asked to design a research or invention that is related to saving and protecting environment that then lead to many products that are currently being deployed and furthermore studied.

Although, there are a lot more way or methods that students can express their role on environment I chose to discuss the most basics and important ones because students can do these things on their own without being told to. It is without a doubt, that students have a great capability to save the planet if they truly understood what chaos it will happen when we let greediness and undisciplined acts remains.

This research will begin with the statement that everyone in the world today wants to live a good life. We want to live in big houses and drive big fancy cars. We want to be economically stable. What we tend to forget is that all this come with a price. We pay the price of economic growth by destroying our environments. So, what is the point of living large while we destroy our environment? It makes no sense at all. Every country has been working towards achieving economic growth. However, increased Economic growth will be accompanied by the use of more energy. The paper tells that the utilized energy is fossil fuels, therefore, release Carbon dioxide. Increasing human activities in the name of achieving economic growth and happiness is a major contributor to global warming. In his article, McKibben acknowledges the fact that Carbon dioxide constitutes 72 percent of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We have created the crisis of global warming ourselves. This is through increased human activities that release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere McKibben also records that there is a direct relationship between Carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere and economic growth. The more we are living large, the more Carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere. Our world population is also increasing. To support such a growing population, there has to be enough resources most of which are derived from the environment. To support such, a population there has to be enough food as well as fuel. We are, therefore, compromising our environmental health in the name of achieving economic growth. China has a very big population. It also has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, the impacts of these population and economic growths on the environment cannot be overlooked. In the Qinghai- Tibetan Plateau, for example, glaciers are melting, temperatures rising and the rainy seasons have become very unpredictable. Qinghai province in Mado County used to have about 1000 lakes; now there are less than 300. The researcher thinks this is a good teaching to us. Climate change is real and the more we focus on economic growth, we are contributing to increasing in global warming. Most villagers believe that the disappearance of lakes is just the normal seasonal shifting. It takes us some time to realize that we are having fewer lakes as compared to some years back. The high population in China has put a lot of pressure on the natural resources. Water deficiency is expected to worsen with increased global warming. We are, therefore, suffering because of our own activities. China is facing one of the world’s worst water deficiencies. The researcher states that he is very concerned with the climate change crisis because it is heavily affecting my home country. This is a country whose government policies are mainly aimed at achieving economic growth. We are growing economically at the expense of the environment. Our activities are increasing Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. Climate change is also expected to threaten China’s food security. There has been continued drought in North China Plain while people in Southern China are suffering from frequent floods. This is caused by climate change. Although critics take the global warming issue as a myth, global warming is real. The effects of global warming are evident in several instances. As ocean waters, warm, sea level is expected to rise. Addition of water from melting glaciers and ice also contributes to sea level rise. In 2008, winter storms affected several portions of southern and central China. The negative impacts of global warming are not restricted to China alone. The effects are experienced worldwide. So far, the greatest impact of global warming is yet to be seen in Greenland and the Arctic. Melting of the ice sheet has been recorded because of global warming. This will be accompanied by a massive rise in sea level. As Al Gore shows in his video “An Inconvenient Truth”, melting of ice in the Arctic will cause loss of the polar bear population. The bears cannot hunt without the ice and therefore, they die. ...Show more

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