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How to Write a Personal Statement for College: Showing Leaders’ Qualities

Showing leadership qualities is a common theme in personal statements for college. If done incorrectly they could land you in some trouble by not sticking out any differently than other applicants’ essays, but if written correctly it can set you miles ahead of the pack.

Here’s how to effectively show leadership qualities in your personal statement for college:

  • Start by identifying your leadership qualities.
  • First, take a critical look at your leadership experiences. Do your recall moments where you led people to action? What about motivate people towards a common goal? Don’t think about “leadership” as a broad term; instead, focus on a few of the sub-qualities that are linked to leadership – integrity, vision, initiative, responsibility, listening, planning, reliability, etc. Find experiences that relate a few of these qualities and explore the how they are good examples of leadership. Taking this approach opens up your options to a broader and more creative landscape. Finding a unique experience keeps your personal interesting when writing about this difficult topic.
  • Give examples of how you lead.
  • You’re probably familiar with the piece of advice that says that the best writing shows and doesn’t tell. That’s also true when it comes to personal statements. Be very creative when you think of an example of your leadership. Think outside the box and instead of stating that you were a leader draft the experience as a short story, filling in details and describing the hurdles you had to overcome. It’s not enough to say you led the team to victory in the fourth quarter, it’s more effective to show the reader the speech you gave in huddle and how you forced yourself back up to your feet after an injury. The first is unspectacular; the latter is inspirational.
  • Reveal the impact of your leadership qualities.
  • All of the best colleges will want to admit students who will have a positive effect in their community. The best way to finish this essay is to show the impact your leadership had and hint at what could have occurred had you not been around to lead. Using the example from above think of what may have happened had you not stepped up and motivated your teammates in the huddle. Would someone else have stepped in? Would the team have felt defeated long before the final score? Describe the impact of your leadership qualities in a way that shows you are truly valuable to the school.

These three elements will make your personal statement strong and help set it apart from the hundreds of other leadership-themed essays the admissions officers will encounter.

Posted by June 27th, 2014

Leadership and Management skills are two qualities that must go hand in hand. To become a leader is to be able to manage tasks as well as people efficiently. A good leader is someone who can communicate the right thoughts in the most effective manner as well as listen to others views and comments patiently. While some people are blessed with great leadership as well as management qualities, there are others who work hard on becoming the perfect boss. Leaders certainly have a never- ending list of responsibilities to take care of and it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. So here are a few qualities that make a good leader with management skills.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to have great management skills? INTEGRITY is the answer. It is one of the most respected qualities of a great leader as it helps the individual in staying calm, composed as well as unbiased during all times. It plays a key role in managing your team as well. A great leader is one who says what he can do and then does exactly the same with the help of his team. Integrity is also the quality that helps leaders in building a trustworthy team.

Character and the ability to speak up

Are you one of those individuals who have the guts to speak up when required as well as also stay unbiased no matter what the situation is? If yes, then you certainly have one of the most important qualities that make a great leader with unmatched management skills. A good character helps people in putting their trust in you, which as we know is a very important characteristic in the corporate world today. A leader with character and great commanding power is followed by people of his team as well as also admired by others.


Probably the first and foremost quality in a leader is his honesty. To be able to manage an entire team on your own is a huge responsibility and while it may seem to be falling apart at times, remember that you are responsible for everything that is happening with your team, hence you should always stay honest with your team members as well as your bosses. Your team is a reflection of how good a leader and manager you are.

Communication and sense of humor

If you face trouble in expressing the simplest of thoughts, then you are probably lacking what it takes to become a successful leader. As a leader, you are supposed to manage a team as well as also communicate the right thoughts and ideas in the most ethical way possible. To be able to express yourself is a great gift and a quality that every leader must possess. A good leader must also have a great sense of humor and should be able to crack jokes with the teammates, hence creating a light and healthy working environment for everyone.

To sum it up, leadership and management are skills that require an individual to be compassionate, a good delegator as well as consistent in his job.



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