Ayad Assignments Due

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Business Excellence, Innovation, and Transformation

In 2002, Amine Ayad started his retail journey with Home Depot within their Store Leadership Program rotating between field and corporate special assignments.  In 2003, Amine was assigned to open a new store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as a Store Manager.  For the first time in the history of the company, the store opened ahead of schedule, under budget, and with zero safety incidents.  Due to his noticeable successes leading the store, within less than two years, he was promoted to a District Manager and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio.   

Amine, was recruited by Sears Holding with the goal of transforming their underperforming market in central Ohio. Amine and his team transformed the market and became number 1 performer in year over year sales increase; in part by gaining market share from the competition including Walmart.

Walmart recruited Amine to lead a $500M market in Columbus, Ohio.  Quickly, the market became among top performers, and Amine was asked to preside over the role of Chief Merchant in Walmart’s Great Lake Division, $23B in sales, and included Michigan, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. Due to his success and passion for workforce management he was asked to lead Workforce Management for Walmart’s US stores, 4500 stores with $23B budget, as a Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation.  Currently, Amine serves as the Head of Workforce Management for Bed Bath and Beyond.

During his journey, Amine gained a reputation as a thoughtful, collaborative, and inspirational leader who delivers results by developing and implementing strategies, designing and sustaining effective processes, engaging employees at all levels leading to improved top line and bottom line business results.  His background as an Engineer and Doctor of Management served him very well and gave him a unique competitive advantage.

Amine graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University as a civil engineer. And he earned his doctorate of management from Colorado Technical University.  His ongoing research interest includes organization development and change, theory development, and success in business with focus on retail management and workforce management.  His published papers attempt to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners as well as applied management and theoretical management.  Amine aspires to transform work into a laboratory which in turn is used to develop management theories and “best practices”.  Amine has taught at Strayer University, Bellevue University, and Colorado Technical University on topics such as Mathematics of Engineering and Finance, IT for Business Operation Optimization, and Project Management.  He has coauthored two books tackling the complex topics of leadership and management.

Amine is an active member of his community and an advocate of diversity and inclusion. He served on numerous boards. Currently he serves on the Executive Board of Prevent Blindness, Ohio. He also an Advisory Board Member on the Business and Management Board of Colorado Technical University.

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