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Considering relocating to the big city? While the countryside offers a quiet, scenic backdrop, it lacks many of the advantages that make city living enjoyable. For instance, What if you have a craving for Mediterranean or Ethiopian food? Finding a wide variety of restaurant choices is all but impossible in a small rural area, but big cities offer countless options when it comes to international cuisine.

We compiled a list of the top reasons to consider a move to the big city, using our beloved Chicago as an example of what makes city living exciting and fun. Whether you’ve decided to relocate to Chicago or simply plan to visit on vacation, be sure to check out some of the destinations and resources provided below.

Convenience of Public Transportation

Driving everywhere can be a burden in a city of any size. Big cities often lack sufficient parking or charge high rates for the available parking options. But public transportation options fill this void, making owning a car in a big city unnecessary. Whether traveling by taxi, subway (called the “EL” in Chicago), or bus, you can reach your destination in a city for a reasonable price, without the hassle of searching for a parking spot.

Many city dwellers combine transportation with exercise, preferring to walk or ride a bike around town. Whether you’re looking for a quick, stress-free way to navigate around town or want a way to drastically cut down on the expense of getting around, big city public transportation is the obvious choice.

Endless Entertainment Options (Even on Weekdays)

Cities provide a wide array of entertainment options for any night of the week. Visit a museum to take in a well-known art collection or learn more about a subject that interests you. Experience a special date night with a play at the theater. Or find tickets to your favorite band and see a live concert at the local music hall. And in Chicago, you don’t want to miss the Grant Park Music Festival.

No matter what your interests, big cities provide every type of entertainment for residents. While some options can be costly, museums and historic sites are often free or allow entrance for a small donation. The entertainment advantages of living in a big city like Chicago are endless.

Top Quality Restaurants and Shopping

Urban centers hold a multitude of opportunities for entertainment, but they also give residents myriad fine dining and shopping options. Cities like Chicago have served as cultural melting pots for decades, bringing together different types of people and expanding ethic restaurant options.

Want to get the best Mediterranean food for miles around? Try Avec, known for mouth-watering stuffed dates and beautiful minimalist décor. Ever tried Peruvian food? Visit Tanta to see what makes it one of the most popular restaurants in Chicago. If a good old-fashioned American meal is more up your alley, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, & Stone Crab is a favorite spot for a thick, juicy steak and a classic cocktail.

For a little retail therapy, visit Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile, where you can splurge at iconic department stores and discover trendy new boutiques. This expansive shopping center contains a spa and beauty center in case you need some pampering after an all-day shopping trip!

Social Events

In an area containing millions of people, finding a social event to attend is never difficult. There is unlimited potential for social interactions in the city on a daily basis. Find parties to attend at museums and art galleries, or donate time to a charity or nonprofit in your area of interest. Meeting people is an effortless task in a big city.

The diversity of major metropolitan areas allows you to broaden your spectrum of personal and professional relationships. Learning about other cultures and discovering shared interests with someone from a different background helps you grow into a more open and understanding individual. A social lifestyle in an urban area will expand your horizons and make interactions more meaningful.

The Best Possible Medical Care

Medical care in rural areas simply cannot compete with the options available in a big city. Most people living in remote regions travel dozens of miles to visit a doctor, and specialist visits could become an overnight trip. Living in a big city gives you the opportunity to receive the highest caliber of medical care without traveling hours from your home.

Competition in cities drives medical centers to hire only the most knowledgeable staff, ensuring the finest care for you. More than a dozen hospitals in the Chicago area are nationally ranked for the quality of their medical care and superior staff. When it comes to finding a doctor in big cities like Chicago, you have unparalleled options and resources to get the care you need.


Sports enthusiasts get to cheer on their favorite teams from the stands when living in big cities. Chicago has some of the most loved teams in the United States within the city. Stationed in Chicago, the Bulls draw thousands of NBA fans to each game. Catch a game at Chicago’s United Center, where hockey fans can also watch the NHL’s Blackhawks play.

During football season, fans pack Soldier Field to watch the beloved Chicago Bears. For baseball, the city’s fans have divided loyalties. Chicago Cubs supporters attend games at historic Wrigley Field, while White Sox followers can be found on game days at U.S. Cellular Field. If you plan on moving to Chicago and enjoy watching sports, you will fit in perfectly.

Even if you have spent most of your life living in the countryside, you can find plenty of reasons to fall in love with the advantages of living in a big city. From fine dining to exceptional cultural destinations, a large city offers opportunities you will not find in rural areas. If you are looking to relocate, consider a big city like Chicago for your new home.

Despite the claims that living in a big city is much more expensive than in small towns or suburbs, the migration of the population from the sparsely populated towns to the metropolitan areas is growing. The massive exodus of the population to the large cities, which began back in over a hundred years ago, continues. This applies especially to young people. This trend may be due to the search for a better life. What are the advantages of living in a big city that attract people so much that they are ready to leave their home and enjoy the suspense and the frantic pace of life, the glittering lights of mega-cities?

Some people move to a big city for the sake of the benefits of modern civilization and the entertainment industry, like shows, entertainment centers and restaurants, which, it must be recognized, there are a lot in the major cities. However, some people are searching for more important cultural heritage.

For some it is an opportunity to leave their conservative families and to live full life and create something bigger that what they have seen before in their small town.

It is widely known that in big cities there are the best and most prestigious educational institutions. 

Many people come to the big city to enroll in College, where they will find a shelter, where they will be able to fully discover and realize their abilities, which is the most important thing is that they will be able to receive quality education that will give them better chances for the successful future.

It is much harder to find a high paying and interesting work in province than in the big city. The local population and entrepreneurs of the large cities are also see their benefits in this:  the employer has a choice to hire relatively cheap labor, in the person of "a guest workers" from less developed countries or smaller nearby settlements.

The main advantages of living in the big city are the opportunities and prospects the city offers to the newcomers. Still more wannabes from the province go to conquer New York, London, or Paris. They believe that it is in these cities, they will be able to fulfill their dreams, realize their potential, and achieve general acceptance or find a high-paying job they were dreaming of. It is not surprising that a huge amount of show-business stars, politicians, and artists are not natives of the big city and came from the province. However, let’s face it, the more the city, the more difficult to achieve some mind-blowing heights. Big cities can be conquered only by the most dedicated, talented, hard-working and strong personalities.

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