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At Primary Teaching Services we have developed a range of Home School Reading Record Books and Spelling and Tables Practice Books and Homework Diaries to keep a log of pupils' reading, spelling, tables, handwriting and homework in full colour designs. You will find that they'll work out cheaper than making books yourself once you add together the photocopying, paper, card and labour costs.

Our Spelling Record Books are becoming very popular for pupils to practise the proven Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Method of remebering speliings.

Our New Tables Practice Record Book,is now in stock. Every pupil in Years 2 - 4 will need to practise tables regularly and record their progress to ensure they reach their full potential for the Tables Testing in 2019. These new workbooks are at an affordable price from just 48p each (40p ex-VAT), so they will probably work out cheaper than you trying to produce them in house once you take into account the labour and toner costs. 

Finally, our Key Stage 1 A4 Exercise Writing Books are amazing value from just 18p each (15p ex VAT) when you buy 100. So do take advantage of these for your Key Stage 1 pupils. 

Welcome to Rashid School for Boys Website

Rashid School for Boys has been providing high quality education in Dubai for more than twenty five years.  We offer an outstanding education for Emirati students aged 3-18 years and have developed our own curriculum which combines the best of the UK National Curriculum, UAE Ministry of Education and our own courses, to provide a lively, exciting and relevant education for the future leaders of Dubai.

This website will give you an opportunity to find out more about our school and, whether you are a student, parent, member of staff or a visitor, I am sure you will find the content interesting, informative and helpful.

Visitors to the school are always welcome, so if you would like to find out more about what we do and how we do it, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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