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Sendong: 600 feared dead in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Bukidnon, Negros


The death toll in the devastating flash floods in Cagayande Oro, Iligan and other parts of the Philippines has risen dramatically to 440, government and RedCross officials.Some of the worst affected areas included Cagayan de Oro City, which reported 215 dead, and nearbyIligan city, which lost 144 residents, Philippine National Red Cross secretary-general Gwen Pang toldAFP.Pang said 21 persons also died in Negros Oriental, five in Compostela Valley, three in Zamboanga delNorte and at least one in Surigao del Sur.As of 9:30 p.m., 162 people were still missing, 147 of whom are in CDO.Red Cross appealed to the public to donate food and non-food items, hygiene kit, water container andpurification solution, temporary shelter and medicine.The death toll is expected to rise as funeral parlors in both Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities are beingoverwhelmed by the sheer number of dead bodies coming in as a result of the flashfloods caused bytyphoon ³Sendong,´ indicating that the number of fatalities is much higher than what is officially beingreported by authorities.A check by of at least three funeral parlors in Cagayan de Oro City indicate thatmore than 300 dead bodies had been brought to them since disaster struck early morning Saturday.One funeral parlor, Bollozos, said it has more than 200 bodies for processing but that they stoppedcounting at 200, according to Chona Soler, a staff of the parlor in charge of counting the remains.DSWD says it has P29.31M standby funds, relief supplies for µSendong¶ victimsSomo Funeral Homes had 60 bodies while Cosmopolitan had only 17. Bollozos had the most numberbecause it is the cheapest funeral homes of the three.Ryan Somo, manager of Somo Funeral Homes, said they are having problems in embalming the deadbodies since there is still no running water. ³It is difficult if we can¶t embalm these dead bodies rightaway because these could be sources of diseases and with no running water, this task will be evenmore difficult for us,´ Somo told Saturday.


  1. Use the Approval page template linked below to create a copy or copies to be signed by your committee.
  2. Complete the unsigned Approval page in the library's thesis template (page ii). Examples of signed and unsigned pages appear at the bottom of this page.
  3. All information must be identical and accurate on both versions of the Approval page.
  4. For submission, upload a .pdf of the signed Approval page to the Thesis Registration System.

Approval page template

  • Do not insert the signed Approval page into the thesis as page ii.
  • Check with your department's graduate program assistant to confirm committee members' information (member's name, committee role, position in department).
  • If you are printing and binding multiple copies of your thesis (personal copies or departmental copies) and you wish to include signed Approval pages, ensure your committee members sign multiple pages. 
  • Both signed and unsigned Approval pages must be numbered page ii.

Content and details

The Approval page contains the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Degree
  3. Committee Type
  4. Committee Membership
  5. Date


Consult your committee and the style guide you are using for help formatting the title.


The degree should appear on one line. The discipline may be added if preferred.


  • Master of Arts 
  • Master of Science (Chemistry)
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy (History)

Committee types

  • ​Examining Committee - for degrees that require a thesis defense
  • Supervisory Committee - for degrees that do not require a formal thesis defense, e.g: M.Eng, M.Pub

Committee membership

Each committee member must be identified with three elements:

1.NameKaren Eliot
2.Committee RoleSupervisor
3.Academic RoleProfessor

List of Committee Roles


Required Details

Additional details


Academic role

No signature required

Senior Supervisor

Committee role
Academic role

(as defined in Graduate General Regulations 1.6.5)

Committee role
Academic role

Add department (if from another department)


Committee role
Academic role

Add department (if from another department)

Internal Examiner

Committee role
Academic role

Add department (if from another department)

Update: per calendar language and the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Fellows, an 'internal/external' examiner is to be designated as an internal examiner. Updates to this language will follow later in 2017. (3/14/17)

External Examiner

Committee role
Academic role

Add department (if from another department)
Add institution (if from another institution)

Academic roles include: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Professor Emeritus, Professor Emerita, Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer, Sessional Lecturer, Limited Term Lecturer.

  • If a committee member is from the home department, do not write the department on the Approval page.
  • If a committee member is from a different department or institution, add this information to their academic role e.g.:
1.NameAlbert Einstein
2.Committee roleExternal Examiner
3.Academic roleProfessor Emeritus
Department of Physics
Princeton University

Administrative titles or honorifics (Associate Dean, Canada Research Chair, etc.) are not required on the Approval page.

Date Defended / Approved

For defended theses, record the defense date.  For undefended theses, use the approved date.  

Signatures required

  • Original signatures are required. Digital signatures are not permitted.
  • Approval pages must be signed by 50%+1 of the committee.

When Unable to Obtain a Committee Member's Signature:

If a committee member is absent, include a statement on their signature line and obtain an alternate signature or initials:

  • By video conference or By teleconference
  • By written consultation

If the Senior Supervisor is absent, the alternate signature must be provided by the department chair, graduate program chair, or Dean of Graduate Studies.

If another committee member is absent, the defence chair or senior supervisor can provide the alternate signature.

Emails from absent member(s) giving revision requirements or approval should be kept in the student's department file.

(Updated 3/14/17 in consultation with the Dean of Graduate Studies' office)

Errors on a signed approval page

If there are errors on a signed Approval page, you must correct the errors, print a new Approval page and obtain all signatures again.

If you cannot obtain all signatures on a single page, you may send separate pages to individual committee members and combine the pages into a single pdf for upload.

Sample approval pages

For an extended essays Approval, follow the appropriate Master's project format.

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