Entrance Essay For Paul Mitchell

This whole PM versus Aveda thing is a neverending ping-pong battle, isn't it? From what I've seen, choosing for yourself which school fits you best, personally, is the only option. You'll either hate it or you'll love it. A forum on the internet can't tell you exactly what it's going to be like for you - you have to get out there and do it yourself.

With that said, seeking information is different. I live in Houston, TX, and I'm bouncing back and forth between PM, Aveda, and Regency. The tuition is basically the same for all of them, so what's the difference? I know PM is edgier, uses PM products, etc, and Aveda is a more "professional" atmosphere and uses Aveda products, but what about Regency? They look legit, but I can't find much info about them. HCC also has a cosmetology program I'm considering. I don't doubt the quality of their program (much) - they're fully accredited - but let's be honest. A resume with "Paul Mitchell School" looks more impressive to a potential employer than "Houston CommunityCollege." It might be worth shelling out more dough for PM/Aveda/Regency.

My question is this: is it worth it to go straight into PM/Aveda/Regency, or would it be wiser to get my cosmetology operator AAS from HCC and THEN move into a private cos school for continuing education? HCC would be a lot cheaper and would no doubt help me pass my boards, but I don't know that the quality of education would be as good. Then again I don't want to go straight to PM/Aveda/Regency and learn my craft well, but not well enough to pass the boards which is really what it's all about.

Both sides have pros and cons. I'm hoping to hear from someone who has experience with the same dilemma, or maybe from someone who has attended HCC's program and can give me pointers since I can't find much info on it. Thanks!

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Paul Mitchell the school entrance essay?

May 6th, 2013 Whitecap
So to apply for Paul Mitchell you have to wright an entrance/admissions essay. The only guide lines it gives you is to wright about your greatest accomplishment, biggest disappointment, career goals, and how they can help you with career goals. They dont say how many paragraphs or words or sentences or anything else. Does anyone know how I should go about doing this essay?

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